Molly's World

The Molly’s World section of the app will introduce children to three elements of the future educational content:

Molly and Patch's Postcards

Renowned world travellers, Molly and Patch take frequent holidays and send home informative, animated postcards based on pictures like these from their recent visit to Japan:

Cabinet of Curiosities

Part of Molly’s Museum, her Cabinet of Curiosities is full of suprises. Like its Enlightenment models, these are divided into naturalia and artificialia, and arrive as a closed drawer which magically opens when the knob is touched. Surprises in store range from a video of a whale shark like this to fascinating automata.


Although all animals are banned from visiting Antarctica, Molly and Patch have visited as stowaways in the baggage of Dr Alison Banwell, a British glaciologist based at the University of Colorado. Alison has started a four-year programme of research into the impact of increased surface melting on the stability of Antarctica’s floating ice shelves that surround the continent, supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation in the USA. The grant includes money for Molly’s World to create animated explanations of the crucial role played by Antarctica in the Climate Crisis. These will develop in parallel with her work and be accessible directly from the app’s interface. We will be running competitions to create animations about the icy continent and its inhabitants.