Animated ecosystems

The meadow on our home page was the first of several with different primary schools. The contents were drawn and coloured by six- and seven-year-olds at Woodside Primary Academy in Walthamstow. The meadow below, by contrast, was the work of one eight-year-old boy: now aged twelve, Sam Boyce is the youngest member of our team and will be working all through the summer creating what we call ‘animated ecosystems’. You can see a 15-second version of the first stage of a meadow-based one HERE.

When complete the animation will be interactive so that, for example, touching a bee will give children information about their lives and vital role in pollenation, as well as striking pictures. Splendid though this bee’s set of teeth may be, they will discover that real bees’ mouths are complex, quite unhuman affairs (as seen in the central picture below) and be able to delight in the bee’s knee to the right!