The process of animation is surprisingly simple and can be viewed HERE.

As illustrated below, the app includes a range of characters, settings and effects. New ones can be created with the Drawing and Colouring tools, captured using the device’s camera, or downloaded from the Web.


The ‘characters’ included in the app include Molly and friends, her varied means of transportation, and a selection of mysterious birds and fish captured with a microscope from patches of paint squeezed between glossy sheets of paper.


In addition to ‘normal’ settings that can be taken with a camera or imported from the Web, the app includes micro-landscapes captured with a microscope.

Atmospheres and effects

Pictures of ‘real’ skies, water, etc., are supplemented by files like these. On the left are an agate sky and sea; on the right a calcite ‘storm’ (which also comes handy as a ‘splash’ and even explosion); below it is a colourful river created by squeezing paint, like the characters above.


The app offers three formats of different durations:

Animated postcards (7.5 seconds): quick to make and fun to receive, these are ideal for sharing with friends and family.

Scenes (15 seconds): these can be used to tell a short story and are ideal for bringing a location or environment to life, like the animated meadow.

Stories (30 seconds): you can pack a lot into 30 seconds! View Molly’s first animated adventure, 'A Cliff Too Far'.