This is the app's welcome page. But in my world everything is regularly refreshed, so you may see a different one!

Here you can access the creative tools, store your work, explore parts of my world, and enjoy animated stories.

You can draw on screen or colour any of the many templates like this elephant - simply select an area and fill with colour!

The 'Data From Nature' are grouped by colour and work beautifully with natural things like creatures and flowers...

... but they also made this tempting selection of what an eight-year-old boy called 'Junk Food' - each delicious item took him about a minute to draw and colour

The 'montage' mode works well in creating pictures with lots of motifs, and the 'Data From Nature' also provide amazing backgrounds:

To create a pattern you simply arrange motifs in a square, add a background colour and tap to see the result!

And if butterflies aren't your 'thing', you can always have meadow flowers - or chickens!! (A girl has this dress...)

At a time when seemingly anything can be faked, some people have questioned if you can make designs for real fabrics on an iPad: here's the proof, made with my templates and digitally printed.

My introduction to this website and the animations on it were made using this interface. It's still being tested and will form part of the first subscription version of the app.