Molly’s World is a creative/educational app for children. It uses the same digital tools as CreateForAll, presented as a 'virtual bedroom', and also features an information-rich educational 'world', glimpsed through a porthole on the home page. Information and entertaining, Molly's World also acts as a stimulus to creativity through its content and presentation, which can be emulated using the app's digital tools.

Objects in the virtual bedroom take children directly to the tools to make them - animations, story-books, cards, pictures, etc. When the wardrobe is tapped, for example, its doors open to reveal a collection of dresses/shirts on hangers, below folded t-shirts. On each door are blank garmdents: touching these takes you to patterns or montages. Designs are then saved, and may be sent to the workshop for digital manufacturing. Examples of patterns created by children are shown below.

Molly's Home and Garden offers domestic pleasures, including a library, bedtime stories, a kitchen in which to learn about where food comes from, and a living room to discover unusual ways of living around the world - such as Molly-approved, cat-petting cafes in Japan! Molly sends regular reports from her garden, due to be featured on BBC Gardeners' World in summer 2021. This includes a small, seasonally-changed 'graphic garden' made with images submitted by children.

Molly's Museum houses temporary and permanent exhibitions, and a unique Cabinet of Curiosities - a reinterpretation of the Renaissance origins of the modern museum. The knobs on the drawers hint at the contents: when touched the drawer opens to reveal a range of delights, from microscopic to giant creatures, ancient models (like the Egyptian hunting boat) to working automata.

The Nature Portal opens to reveal a growing collection of species. Categorised under broad headings - birds, mammals, insects, etc. - each grouping will be regularly added to.

Along with the Hubble Space Telescope, which flies in the sky on the 'world' interface, the Molly Rocket is the route to all things astronomical. It takes children on animated journeys through the Solar System, to the Moon and other planets, and out into deep space. Tap to see a short example

Prominent on the interface is Patch in his balloon. When touched this roars and soars away to the 'Fields of Knowledge'. Landing randomly, this network of knowledge can then be explored by choosing one of three alternative destinations or, if none appeals, another random choice. Children can also ask Molly to create a memory quiz (detail, top right), based on places they have visited.

In addition to these 'real world' delights, Molly's World contains a realm of adventure - 'Alciteland' - set in 'landscapes' like those below captured with a powerful microscope from calcite crystals: