Molly's Projects for Planet Earth

Molly's Meadow is the first of four collaborative 'Projects for Planet Earth'. Each is supported by leading scientific experts and will use children's work to celebrate the beauty of various fragile ecosystems and to contribute to raising awarenes about threats to the health or our planet.

Molly's Meadow will be soft-launched on World Bee Day, 20 May 2023, and run again in 2024, enabling us to build on experience gained and to secure sponsorship for some of the ambitious elements of the project.

Issue: glacial melting and climate change.
Expert: Dr Alison Banwell, glaciologist at U. Colorado Boulder.
Supported by Outreach Grant from US National Science Foundation.

Issue: plastic pollution.
Expert: Prof. Richard Thompson FRS, authority on plastic pollution.

Issue: threats to pollinators.
Expert: Prof. Dave Goulson, leading entomologist and nature writer, and founder of the Bumblebee Trust.

Issue: restoration of reefs following bleaching.
Expert: Prof. David Smith, Scientific Adviser to the global MARS project.