Friends of Molly

Molly's World will be available/funded as follows:

  • Molly's World Website: open and available to all without charge.
  • MollyApp: monthly subscription (cost to be determined).
  • Friends of Molly: you can register for this scheme now and the benefits are described below.

Benefits of becoming a friend

By subscribing £1.99 per month (£2.99 following the app lauch), Friends will have access to the MollyFriends room on the website, where they will receive regular updates on Molly's World and a range of benefits, including:

Benefits to us from the support of friends

By supporting Molly now you will help to maximise the speed with which we can complete coding the MollyApp and generate more content. And as Friends we hope you will feel committed to the project and tell your friends all about it!